Unforeseen Event Policy

The FPA NorCal Conference is organized by a committee of volunteers representing the five FPA chapters in Northern California. The conference committee consists of experienced financial planners who are accustomed to working in a world of uncertainties.

The conference committee strives to provide top quality education and networking opportunities for our members. In planning an annual event of this magnitude, we can be faced with circumstances that are beyond our control such as travel delays, labor interruptions, earthquakes, or a multitude of unforeseen situations.

We appreciate your understanding that when an unforeseen situation arises, we will do everything in our power to mitigate the disruption to our members and still meet the conference objectives. Despite our planning experience, from time to time a speaker becomes ill, misses a flight, or cannot appear for some reason. We apologize for not being able to refund registration fees due to a speaker cancellation.

The possibility exists, although we believe the probability to be low, that an unforeseen event could disrupt the entire conference from occurring. Should the conference be cancelled, we may be able to provide partial refunds, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to refund your entire registration fee, due to contractual obligations with the hotel and conference vendors.